Route 100 Regional

Route 100 Regional treatment facility


The Route 100 Regional wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) is located east of Pennsylvania Route 100 along the north side of Fellowship Road.

Service Areas

The WWTP primarily serves newly constructed residential developments as well as some commercial and institutional uses found within the Village of Eagle. These residential developments are:
  • Byers Station (including the Ewing Tract)
  • Eagle HuntMap of Route 100 Regional treatment facility
  • Reserve at Eagle
  • Reserve at Waynebrook
  • Windsor Ridge

 Phase 2 Expansion added the following existing residential developments:

  •  Eagle Manor
  •  Heather Hill
  •  Windsor Place



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Sewers were extended to Eagle Manor, Heather Hill, and Windsor Place, under the Phase Two WWTP expansion. Phase One of the WWTP was put into operation in 2004, and Phase Two was in operation by the end of 2016. These two phases are designed to treat and dispose of 300,000 and 600,000 gallons per day (gpd), respectively. Phase Three, with a proposed disposal capacity of 800,000 gpd, will be proposed when the need arises.

Disposal Methods

Disposal of effluent, water that leaves a sewage treatment facility, is handled through land application at approximately 19 spray and drip irrigation areas located primarily within the newly constructed residential developments. It is anticipated that 30 irrigation areas will be part of the WWTP. Phase One of the WWTP consisted of building a secondary treatment aerated lagoon with two cells divided by a baffle, storage lagoon, and effluent pump station with a control building. Phase Two added two sequential batch reactors to the treatment processes constructed in Phase One.