Snow Removal


The process of snow removal is vital to the safety of all of our residents and the general motoring public. Our goal is to first clear one pass in each direction on each main road and then one pass in each direction on each secondary road. This is so that emergency services can get to you in the case of an emergency.

The operation is as follows:

  • As soon as snow begins to stick to the roads, our trucks will spread a mixture of salt and anti-skid material on the roadways.
  • As soon as snow is three inches deep, and the snowfall is predicted to be six inches or more, we will begin plowing operations and will continuously plow until all roadways are clear.
  • If snowfall is predicted to be five inches or less, we may choose to wait until the snow has stopped and then begin plowing operations.

Shoveling Tips

Please realize that we will be back to open your roadway from one edge of the road to the other. We are not aiming to upset anyone by coming back after you have cleared the end of your driveway. We are just concerned with your safety.

If you wait to shovel the end of your driveway until the last pass of the snow plow, the plow will not empty its contents into a place you already shoveled. If you must shovel the end of your driveway, shovel a large area in the direction that the plow will be coming from. This will allow the plow to empty most of the snow before it gets to your driveway.


If you have sidewalks, it is your responsibility to keep them in good shape. This includes repairing deteriorated walkways and trip-joints caused by settling at joints or cracks. Sidewalks must also be clear of snow and ice during inclement weather.

For More Information

Please see Ordinance 04-06 for the township's complete snow removal policy. For additional information, contact the Public Works Department at (610) 458-9400.

Winter Weather Operations Map

Click here to access Snow Removal Map

Upper Uwchlan Township snow plows are equipped with location systems that track vehicle progress. The dynamic map at the link above lets residents view the progress of winter weather operations in 2 hours increments. Map is for informational purposes only; accuracy subject to equipment connectivity.