Township Regulations

Under the authority granted to local governments by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, townships are permitted to enact local ordinances. These ordinances are classified as non-traffic summary offenses. Some offenses may carry penalties of up to $300 in fines and up to 90 days in the county prison. Listed below are brief descriptions of these ordinances.

Ordinance 04-04 - No Parking
Ordinance 04-04 establishes no-parking zones within the township and the penalties assessed in these zones.

Ordinance 04-06 - Snow Regulations

This ordinance establishes regulations for snow removal.

Ordinance 05-05 - Regarding Fees for Township Services at Events
This ordinance mandates persons who may need township services for an event occurring in the township. It mandates that those persons who are required to bear the financial responsibility of any township service utilized.

Ordinance 88-5 - Mini-Bike, Motorcycle & Snow Mobile Ordinance
Ordinance 88-5 prohibits the operation of vehicles on a landowner's property without the landowner’s written permission.

Ordinance 2014-05 - Burning Prohibited Ordinance
The Outdoor Burning Ordinance prohibits the burning of refuse, recyclable materials, leaves or yard waste, trade waste, or any waste or recyclable generated in a residential, commercial, institutional or industrial establishment.

Ordinance 07-07 - Solicitors Ordinance
This ordinance requires those who desire to solicit within the township to obtain a permit from the Police Department.

Ordinance 95-3 - Hazardous Materials Recovery

Ordinance 95-3 requires the cost of cleaning up hazardous materials to be paid by those causing the incident.

Ordinance #2016-05- Noise Ordinance (replaces 98-03)
The Noise Ordinance establishes regulations for noise within the township.