UPDATES: Route 100 WWTF Phase II Expansion Project

Phase II Public Sewer Expansion Project Substantially Complete

Bid Results: Authority Service Line Contractor Pricing

In accordance with the letter you should have received dated February 19, 2016 (which can be found below), the Authority has received unit pricing from Phoenixville Plumber, a division of MG Property Management and Associates, LLC. If the unit prices listed below are cost effective for your service line installation and you would like to enter into an agreement with Phoenixville Plumber then the Township will assist you with this process.  For assistance, please email or call 717-560-6064.

Please note, the pricing listed below is only for the installation of the service line outside of your home. These costs do not include any consideration to rerouting piping inside of your home. 

Description                                                                                                Unit Price 

Furnish 4" PVC Pipe                                                                                $1.25/Linear Foot

Furnish 6" PVC Pipe                                                                                
$3.00/Linear Foot 

Install PVC Sanitary Service Pipe at the following depths:  0' to 8'          $6.00/Linear Foot

Install PVC Sanitary Service Pipe at the following depths: 8'-1" to 10'    
$15.00/Linear Foot

Install PVC Sanitary Service Pipe at the following depths: 10'-1" to 12'   
$22.00/Linear Foot

Install PVC Sanitary Service Pipe at the following depths: 12'-1" to 14"   
$32.00/Liner Foot

Install PVC Sanitary Service Pipe at the following depths: 14'-1" to 16"   
$45.00/Linear Foot

Furnish  Install Flexible Coupling for 4" PVC                                             
$155.00 each

Furnish  Install Flexible Coupling for 6" PVC.                                            
$225.00 each

Furnish  Install PVC Trap with Vent Pipe                                               
    $269.00 each

Furnish  Install Cleanout/Vent                                                                    
$50.00 each

Decommission Septic Tank                                                                        
$1,000.00 each

Restoration of Seeded Areas                                                                     
$1.00/Square Yard

Sod Restoration                                                                                        
  $32.00/Square Yard

In order to determine the approximate total cost (pre-tax) for your service line installation, you must first determine the length of pipe to be installed and the depth at which the pipe will be placed. For example, if the exit of your building sewer is 50-ft from the stake in your yard that marks the location of the capped lateral, and if that stake is marked that your lateral is 6-ft below grade, you can assume that your installation will consist of the following:

50 LF of 4-inch PVC Pipe for Service Line

50 LF of Service Pipe installation (0' to 8' depth)
6 LF of 4-inch PVC Pipe for the vertical cleanout at the trap
6 LF of 6-inch PVC Pipe for the vertical cleanout at the test tee
One (1) 4-inch Flexible Coupling
One (1) PVC Trap with Vent Pipe

50 LF length by 4 LF width of restoration
      (Width may vary and don't forget to divide this number by 9 to convert
        square feet to square yards!)
Decommission one (1) existing Septic Tank

Therefore, the pre-tax costs for the items listed in the above example would be as follows:

( $1.25/ft. x 50 ft. )+ ( $6.00/ft. x 50 ft. )+ ( $1.25/ft. x 6 ft. )+ ( $3.00/ft. x 6 ft. ) + $155.00 + $269.00 + ( $1.00/SY x ( 50 ft. x 4 ft.) / 9 ) + $1,000 = $1,834.22.

If you need assistance determining your approximate Service Line pricing, please email or call 717-560-6064.

Phase II Public Sewer Expansion - February 19, 2016 Final Update

Local Bank Contacts; PENNVEST Program
The PENNVEST Homeowner Septic Program is a low-interest loan to qualified homeowners who need to repair or replace their individual, on-lot sewage disposal system or hook up to a new public sewer system. This low-cost financing option is funded by PENNVEST and administered by the Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency.
          • Fixed interest rate for life of loan, currently as low as 1.75 percent. (January 2015)
          • Up to 20 years to repay the loan balance.
          • Funds can be used for design, construction and permit costs.
          • Pay an attractive interest rate for this vital home improvement.
          • No prepayment penalties if the loan is paid off early.
          Visit www.phfa.org to learn more and view a list of participating lenders.

Several local banks have provided contact information for Staff who are aware of the Township's public sewer system expansion project and can assist you with financial information.

DNB First - Jenn Randisi, Branch Manager
1030 N. Pottstown Pike
Chester Springs, PA 19425
(located in Ludwig's Corner)

First Niagara Bank - Donna Freas
Eagle Branch

Fulton Bank - Carolyn Specht

Meridian Bank -- Laurel Delaney

National Penn Bank - Lori Psota, Branch Manager
Eagle & Lionville Branches

Penn Liberty Bank - Melissa Simyan
210 Font Road
Downingtown, PA  19335

State-Registered Contractors
If you need help finding a registered plumbing contractor for your home lateral installation, search the following link - Pennsylvania's Home Improvement Consumer Information website.  Use keyword "sewer", "sewer lateral", etc. to find registered contractors near you.


Plans / Drawings for Phase II Collection System
The plans / drawings for the Phase II Expansion Collection System (Eagle Manor Pump Station and the Little Conestoga Pump Station) are below.  To locate the appropriate Sheet for your property in Eagle Manor, Heather Hill or Windsor Place, refer to Sheet # 2 (of 42) in the Eagle Manor plan set.  Sheet #2 is the Key Map sheet and will show you the overall coverage area with the specific "Drawing Number" listed in bold text.   Then refer to Sheet #1 Drawing Index to find the corresponding Sheet Number.

For the Little Conestoga plan, refer to the Location Map on the cover sheet of that plan set.

Plan for Eagle Manor, Heather Hill, Windsor Place

Plan for Little Conestoga Road

October 8, 2014 Presentation
The Upper Uwchlan Township Municipal Authority held a public meeting October 8, 2014 at Pickering Valley Elementary School to provide information to the residents of Eagle Manor, Heather Hill, Windsor Place, and a portion of Little Conestoga Road (Darrell Drive to the Turnpike Overpass) regarding the expansion of public sewer service to their properties.  The PowerPoint presentation and exhibits/maps shown at the meeting are available by clicking the following links:

October 8, 2014 Presentation

Map of Eagle Manor

Map of Heather Hill - Park to Aubrey

Map of Heather Hill - Aubrey, Newlin, Little Conestoga Road

Map of Windsor Place